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Blacklisted loans in South Africa, also often referred to as bad credit loans and loans for people with bad credit in South Africa, are loans specially designed by financial service providers for people who are suffering from bad credit. So, if you thought there was no way you could get financial help, considering you might have bad credit, then think again.

How to Obtain a Blacklisted Loan:

The procedure in qualifying for, and getting a bad credit loan in South Africa is relatively simple. Now, unlike the more conventional loans (non bad credit loans that is), these ones won't really require much complexity as the lender is already aware that, upon applying, the loan seeker (which is you), has a compromised credit score. In terms of required paperwork, the procedure is pretty much the same. Here again, the process from start to finish (applying for and getting the loan), may be handled much faster than conventional loans.

Blacklisted Loan Options:

There are many different options within bad credit loans to choose from. Some of these may include bad credit car loans, cash loans, personal loans, or even student loans.

Something to Keep in Mind: 

Do remember that bad credit loan lenders in South Africa will have their own terms and conditions. In general, these loans are also given to you at a higher interest rate than a conventional loan as you are more of a risk to the lender.

Requirements for a Bad Credit Loan:

1. Bank statements for the past 3 months
2. Latest salary slip
3. A copy of your ID

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